I am trying to get myself back in the studio as my contract with UCA draws to a close for the year. But the question I keep asking myself is what to animate?

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 17.53.56.png

what to animate…now that’s the question 🤔

I’ve not animated in what seems like forever and I really wanted to test out my new lights that I purchased earlier this month. In the end I decided to animate something without there being a purpose or an end goal. I found I was struggling to come up with an idea and that in itself was what was putting me off animating.  Like when you get writers block, you can either choose to grumble and rack your brain until you come up with some half-decent idea, or you can work through it, not caring much at the time about the work you’re doing and eventually the fuzzy patches turn into something not great but not so bad, and that spurs you on until eventually, a super awesome idea pops up cause your brain was working on it all along whilst you were moving things with your hands and not worrying about what to come up with!

It felt so good just to animate without worrying about a narrative or character for once. I’ve decided I might just play around with basic animation principles once a week for the fun of it whilst I have a day free. It’s all learning and improving either way. And I guess relearning the principles this time in stop motion will be my fuzzy patch to overcome!