I was so excited when I came home from Hoobynoo today because I got a rather large and heavy parcel delivered to my door today. I bought studio lights AND it came with a portable bag so I can take them on the go if I need to animate on location!

I wanted to get some fancy studio lights since I moved home and became a freelance animator working in the back garden. However, the cost of actually setting up a studio, after the camera, the software, the light proofing curtains, the animation stage, the desk, the tripod…Suddenly I’d eaten into all of my savings and I hadn’t even looked at getting some good quality lights.

Last week, I had a very productive, but boring day of filing, sorting through my expenses, taxes, bills, and stuff for the end of the tax year. My invoice for my first solo freelance project ‘A New Home’ had come through and I thought, nows the time whilst I’ve got a healthy profit to make an investment.

So now I’ve gone and upgraded my studio lighting for these bright stars:


I’m really pleased with this purchase as the light brightness is adjustable, the barn doors are easily movable and the tripods are sturdy and tall. All in all waaaaaaay better than the temporary job I had been using for shooting animation (slightly ashamed to admit that I had been using 3 desk lamps as I had really eaten into my savings) they did the job but not half as well as I’d have liked.

So you can bet I’m over the moon excited to be able to use these on my next job and feel like I’m animating in a proper studio now!