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– Why am I blogging?

I’ve decided to make a blog of my third year project. I haven’t kept a blog since my first year at UCA Farnham, so I am treating this as more of an informal yet organised way to keep track of my workload rather than a formal upload.

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Freelancer Day 9:

Well I was surprised to get an email yesterday asking me to come in again ┬áHad a few more bits to tweak on one of the bigger scenes and some stop motion problem solving which required wire, glue and drilling – It was great!

Freelancer Day 8:

Well that’s me done as model maker on this current project with A+C and it’s been a real blast I’ve loved working there this past week and a bit!

Finished off the set that we had trouble with earlier last week as more parts had to be ordered in. But once that was complete it was simply a matter of making everything look in its place and ready for the team to animate. Then a spot of clearing and cleaning up the model room for their next project.

Thanks for having me on this project A+C see you again soon!

Freelance Day 7:

Well today was another ‘lean so far into the box you might as well get inside this box to look for small parts for model making’ kind of day again but the end is in sight for this project! We’ve now started to assemble scenes and props together and it is looking amazing – pictures will follow once the project is launched online so in a couple of months or so…But I can easily say this has been my favourite project so far to have worked on! Sad that I only have one day left

Graduation Photos Arrived!

Graduation photos arrived at home today whilst I was at work freelancing.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 19.42.17.png

I love how I was able to get the lego into my outfit!

Freelance Day 6:

Sets are finally coming together and things look smashing! Today just wizzed by as we steamroll ahead to make Friday’s deadline.

Freelance Day 5:

Such a colourful scenery being made today. We had to swap to a few different colour designs so it doesn’t look like a copy and paste set.

Still loving model making! Hands a bit stiff after a long day in the studio so it’s best if I get on and do some physio now!

First Physio

I had my first physio appointment today was told I need to start “contrast bathing” my hand before I take on the hand therapy exercises. Most bizzar thing I have ever done: one bowl lovely and hot, the other ice cold and I have to attempt to clench a fist. My brain does not understand.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 20.04.20.png

Freelancer Day 4:

First half of the day –
“Never have I been so pleased to see instructions when building a set!”

Second half of the day –
“Damn it I can’t find this piece can the set work without it…oh we need over 30 of them…ah that’ll be a problem”

Freelancer Day 3:

Today I experienced “finding a needle in a haystack” only this wasn’t a needle and the model part I needed was not only tiny but the same colour as all the other parts in the box. Practically had to climb in to find it, but find it I did

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