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– Why am I blogging?

I first decided to make a blog for my third year project. I hadn’t kept a blog since my first year at UCA Farnham, so I treated this as more of an informal yet organised way to keep track of my workload rather than a formal upload.

After Gradating I decided to keep my blog as I really enjoyed blogging about animation. Now I blog about my job(s) – freelancing is full of them!

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New Doors Open

So after my most resent Vlog entry suddenly I am swamped with freelance opportunities
I am thrilled by this news and sadly cannot accept as many as I would have liked due to prior commitments.

I know I have been extremely quiet recently in terms of blogging but that is because I have been attending some training days at the Turner and I cannot write about what I will be doing until after the project goes live. So watch this space in the next year or so it’ll all become clear!

But, I can happily announce however, that I shall be working at UCA Canterbury again this year and be working alongside some familiar faces – yay! So My blog entries will become more regular soon I promise.

Sinead Animation Vlog Ep 8: Getting Unplugged from Social Media

You know that happy feeling you get when someone likes your picture on Instagram or comments on a post you did on Facebook or retweets your trending tweet? That’s the social media buzz and it is dangerously addictive. To the point where we become dependant on it. We crave that happy high we get which flees as quickly as it comes. 

To the point where we only post the highs and the lows but never the normals. Normals are boring, who cares? But if you’re doing catastrophically bad you suddenly become flooded with ‘you ok hun?’s and ‘here for you’s. And they make us feel better…for a while. Or take the other way you boast to the world to tell them ‘look at me I’m doing great’ and everyone cheers until you’re not the next biggest thing to hear about. 

I know this is cynical but it’s just something I have observed. 

Have you ever considered unplugging yourself for a week? 

See how it makes you feel, you might discover this freedom away from your keyboard that becomes exhilarating. You begin to see the world through fresh eyes that aren’t glued to the screen. 


Un-Plugged from the World

So this weekend just gone I went back up to Surrey area to visit my Uni-Family since both Emily as well as Joe & Aileen have moved into their own places now and we had a sorta house warming meet up. (any excuse to visit them!)

For me to travel back to my university it takes me roughly 3 and a half to 4 hours on the train. Yes it is quicker to travel by car – by about 2 hours! But I have yet to do that long a distance in a car and would not be comfortable to drive myself that far, so I take the train, it is a journey I have gotten to know extremely well and I am often fond of looking out the window and reminiscing my Uni days.

That being said, 3 to 4 hours is a long time and one can easily become bored doing nothing in a train. I often take a book to read but easily become distracted by my phone as I message my uni-family of the status of my journey and then, because I am on my phone, I scroll through the usual social media apps with no end goal except to inevitably drain my battery of its life.

But this time I wanted a change. Since discovering knitting I have found I often become obsessed – like I do with reading – except this activity lets me still be sociable and interact with others at the same time. What this activity has let me become ‘unsociable’ with is my phone. As I get in the knitting zone I leave my phone alone, it’s not constantly within fingertip’s reach and at the slightest buzz I grab it and get lost in the digital world.


(yes I realise the irony in taking a photo on my phone for a blog about stepping away from my phone!)

Whilst on my travels I talked to many commuters who were curious about my knitting. They asked me questions like:

what was I knitting?
how long had I been knitting for?
who was I knitting this item for?
what made me choose to take up an ‘old lady’s hobby’?

In truth I have been wanting to knit for such a long time but I have never had the patience to persevere and actually learn how to do the craft well. I would often be able to do a couple of lines and then I would drop a stitch, create a hole and the whole thing I was working on would fall apart and I would stop trying for another few years. I think the only reason I have kept at the hobby this time round is because it has been such good physio therapy for my hand. Because I struggled to hold the needle, I had to take it slow, I learnt the technique quicker than before and now I mostly work on pieces with the aid of muscle memory.

At the moment I am working on a personalised present for 4 special people in my life and I am hoping to get them all ready before christmas – however I think this might be a challenge too far for myself! Having those few hours on my weekend travels let me really get stuck in to this first present and I am nearly a quarter of a way done.

I got chatting away with one lady on my train home which really made me smile. She was telling me that she was the only woman in her office to not knit. She listed off about 10 names – and some guys were on that list too! – When I told her that knitting lets me unplug from my phone she laughed and told me that is what all her coworkers said too as she works in an IT office. So she totally understood my way of thinking and how I was trying to step away from my portable computer of a phone and actually live my life!

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working for Hoobynoo  But working as a Creative Marketer and spending pretty much the majority of my time on Social Media sites like, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, rather takes the ‘fun’ out of the sites for me. Now I’m not saying that I’m not still tapping away updating and blogging and sharing  to these sites in my free time, I am. But I have got to the stage when I can almost disassociate myself in the moment – almost like an out of body experience – when I stop and say to myself:

“do you realise you’ve just waisted 10 minutes of your life and gained nothing from it?”
and that’s where knitting has become the savour of my literal Social life!

In knitting I have found that I can multitask, I can chat as well as knit. This has also opened the door to some brilliant conversations when I have been knitting in public. I think because it is unusual to see someone knitting outside – especially someone of my age – people feel open to comment and this follows with a developed chat. What has also been quite nice is that because of this hobby it has brought a new found joy in social media as I am not constantly tapping away at my phone. Instead I have, in a way, rekindled the excitement of checking out social media sites for new content after hours of not being online.

So yeah. If you’ve never tried knitting why not have a go, be patient and take your time, you might just re-find yourself in the craft like I did!


Shortlisted for a Horror Award!

Now that I’m home from an awesome Wellies and Wristbands Guide Camp I’ve just found out that my Graduation Film Tone Death has been nominated for the Indie Spirt Award at WIHFF!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 11.15.46.png

This is absolutely thrilling news and I am so pleased that Tone Death has been welcomed into the Women In Horror Film Festival Community!

Vlog Episode 7: Wellies and Wristbands

How was Wellies and Wristbands 2018? Fantastic!

I am also super excited that I was able to get some of the new Ranger Activity Guide Badges which have been designed in the new program as I now have several Guide Badges which are the embodiment of not only my one true love Animation but also my Career Path in Social Media Creative Marketing!

Also I mention my mate Sky in this episode Check out his Instagram at:

Episode 6: Living the Colourful Life

Fancied a change in colour so set up a poll on Social Media to see what hair colour I should go next.

Let’s get Ready for Camping!

Let’s get ready for Guide Camp! Can’t wait for the beginning of #welliesandwristbands this bank holiday 🤗 today Ive sewn on 22 badges that I’ve been meaning to add to my camp blanket whilst I’ve been away at university!

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 12.37.48.png


Since the camp I have another 20 badges to stitch on! best not leave it another 3 years before I stitch them back on! Check out my Youtube Vlog to hear all about the awesome camping trip!

Vlog Episode 5: Life of a Freelancer

I’ve been back in the studio animating ‘The Slap’ again. I also decided to open up a little on how I feel about creative freelancing and pricing your services without feeling guilty about your prices.

Durham Surprises

I’m getting Married to my Best Friend!

Joe proposed on our mini break to Durham at the weekend and I said YES!

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