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– Why am I blogging?

I first decided to make a blog for my third year project. I hadn’t kept a blog since my first year at UCA Farnham, so I treated this as more of an informal yet organised way to keep track of my workload rather than a formal upload.

After Gradating I decided to keep my blog as I really enjoyed blogging about animation. Now I blog about my job(s) – freelancing is full of them!

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Dec-Jan is filling!

The work calendar is filling up for December and the new year now!

Commissioned Work Week 11: Animating

Scene 1 is now shot!

This morning I captured 13 seconds of footage – Although 10 seconds of this is actually two 5 seconds pieces that are going to be composited together so they are viewed at the same time. So in reality it’s more like 8 seconds have been shot this morning. However that’s 8 more seconds than I had earlier!


Scene 2 is halfway done now too!

Animation Bestie

4 years ago I met one of my Bestest Friends on our Foundation trip to Amsterdam. Although we were in the same class we never really spoke the two weeks before. That is until we both decided to skip the bike photography tour and get on a tram and a ferry to go to Kilk Animation Festival by ourselves. And this was how our lasting friendship was born, through the love of animation. Thank you for being a wonderful friend Emma and I am grateful to have you at my side at university!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 18.15.38.png

Freelance Day 17: Retuning to UCA Canterbury!

So today I had a meeting to discuss the work I will be doing at UCA over the next two (and a bit) months. We looked over my lesson plans and all is in tip top form!

There was obviously some changes that need amending as I was not sure what my schedule would be exactly. I also needed to know how many students I would be teaching, if they needed to be cut down into smaller groups, and what the time frame I had for “stationary model making” and “armature making” as it needed to be kept in time with the rest of the course’s plans. Other than that all is good!

Today has been a really exciting day and I look forward to next week when I become part of the Dream Team!

All Work and Fun

After a morning of lesson planning followed an afternoon of Christmas shopping!

6 months Since I broke my Hand

From never before broken a bone I suddenly had my arm in a cast and endured 11 stitches: 9 on my left hand (inside and out) and 2 on my right arm.

The photo on the left is the first photo I took of my hand since the cast came off 1 month after the incident. (I didn’t take a photo whilst at A&E, it certainly wasn’t a priority!)
The photo on the right is my hand today.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 18.51.10.pngIf I am being honest with myself, yes I do struggle to accept these scars, especially the large one that runs across the bottom. But today I looked back at that first photo I took and the difference is huge, although mentally for me there has been only a minor change here and there. This is why I think it is good to take photos as milestones to remind oneself that change does happen it just takes time and we must be patient

Commissioned Work Week 11: Animating Time

Script, camera script and blocking script all printed out. All ready to animate!
Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.48.10.png

Official Selection

Tone Death receives its second Official Selection Laurel for FECEA in Brazil! Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.07.42.png


Tone Death has made it into a couple more festivals this week!

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 16.26.12

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